Sage Data Exchange
XML and JSON API for Sage 100

API Demo - Products Resource

The Products Resource has features unique to products, like Categories, Properties and Purchase Control. The Login function is provided again on this page because different logins have different access to products.

Experiment with the Demo login, linked to customer 01-ABF and not limited by Purchase Control. Then move on to pDemo, linked to customer 01-AVNET, Purchase Control limited to just filing cabinets.

User    Password      ( Use   JSON  or   XML )

The Products button below makes a request of the Products Resource. Experiment with the different settings. You will see the results in the Response folder tab at the right.

You can filter your response by passing search parameters. These are a few examples.
Item Code:
Item Type:   (Types: 1,3,4,5)
Product Line:   ('C&A','DC','FD&A')
To retrieve products one page at a time, use the offset and limit. For the first page set offset and limit to 1 and 10, then try 11 and 10.
Use Offest & Limit  Offset   Limit  

Properties are identified in Return Maintenance. Properties added to your application can allow the user to view a subset of the products returned. For example, the user may want to see all the Gray filing cabinets. Properties can be existing columns, like Category1, or UDFs.

For more detail, request a complete demonstration via the Contact form.

HTTP Status: 
HTTP Status Text: