Sage Data Exchange
XML and JSON API for Sage 100

API Demo - SalesOrders Resource

The SalesOrders Resource creates Sales Order Quotes using the Create method. Once the Quote is created, the Quote Number (Sales Order Number), Sales Tax, Freight and totals are returned for approval.

The Quote is then converted to an Order using the Submit method.

User    Password      ( Use   JSON  or   XML )

The SalesOrders button below retrieves Sales Orders from Sage 100. Experiment with creating and submitting orders. When you retrieve orders again, you'll see your new activity.

You can filter the your response by passing search parameters. These are a few examples.
Order Date:   (YYYYMMDD)
Order Type:   (S,B,R,M,Q)
Create a Sales Order (Quote) by selecting an item and pressing the Create button. Then use the SalesOrders button above to view the results.
Item PO No. (optional)

Submit or Delete an Order by entering the Order Number (including the leading zeros) and press the Execute button. Use the SalesOrders (GET) button above to view the results.
Order No:

For more detail, request a complete demonstration via the Contact form.

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