Sage Data Exchange
XML and JSON API for Sage 100

API Demo

The API Demo highlights some of the functionality of the Sage Data Exchange API Resources. (See the entire list of Resources in the Wiki Manual.)

Sage Data Exchange Users are either an administrator, or they are linked to Sage 100 Customer or Vendor Contacts. Log into the API using a Customer (demo), Vendor (vdemo), or Administrator (admin) User.

Administrators are not linked to Sage 100, but have access to all Sage 100 tables, including customers, contacts, and products. Administrators are generally used by applications to display information to anonymous users.

User    Password      ( Use   JSON  or   XML )

The following user data is used to demonstrate the update methods below.

User Name  
User Type  
Customer Name  
Contact Name  
Contact Address  
City, State ZipCode      
Once logged in, you have access to Resources in Sage Data Exchange. Click on the Reference links below to request data from, or post data to, Sage 100. You will see the results in the Response folder tab at the right.
Get more examples on the resources below:
Customers Products ItemWarehouses
SalesOrders Update SalesOrders
For more detail, request a complete demonstration via the Contact form.

HTTP Status: 
HTTP Status Text: