Sage Data Exchange
XML and JSON API for Sage 100


Sage Data Exchange was written with PxPlus Development Suite 2019, using their latest tools for JSON and XML.

The Sage Data Exchange application contains a multitude of tables that may be required for your applicaton.

User Maintenance
Users created in User Maintenance can be one of three types of User: Administrator, Customer, or Vendor.

Administrators can perform any function in the API, but may have to supply additional information. For example, in order to create a Sales Order, an Administrator would have to pass the Division and Customer Number, where a Customer User would not. The Customer User is linked a Customer which would be used by default.

Category Maintenance
Categories are maintained in the Sage Data Exchange application. (e-Business Manager import, included, also imports the product contained in the Category.)

Category Tree Maintenance
Category Trees are maintained in the Sage Data Exchange application as well. (e-Business Manager import included.) Multiple Category Trees allow you to display different categories by Customer.

Resource Maintenance
Resources, PxPlus programs, are loosely tied to Sage 100 business classes. Sage Developers can create new Resources using Sage business classes or their own. Source code is available for the included Resources.

Return Maintenance
The values returned to the requesting source are maintained in the Sage Data Exchange application. You can return columns from any table with a child relationship to the resource.

Default Maintenance
When using a Resource's Create method default values can be set in the application so they don't have to be passed to the Resource every time.